Alldeez Services is pleased to provide drafting services for almost all disciplines. We have over 20 years experience preparing plans for Architectural, Civil Engineering industries. Our highly motivated and experienced team of designers, will ensure all your requirements are met.  Based in Concord, North Carolina, we also provide service in Charlotte and surrounding areas.  

We will work with your budgetary needs.   

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Proper space planning is integral to running an efficient business. All to often this design process is overlooked as a "cost saver" only to regret later on. Alldeez Services works with our clients on critical issues such as:
• Type of work to be performed      

• ADA requirements  Features / Equipment      

• Proper location for office equipment  Layout      

• Privacy issues     

• Open space     

• Restrooms      

• Access needs      

• Parking      

• How much is needed     

• H/C accessibility     

•  Special Considerations     

• Specialty equipment needed     

• Size of workspaces     

• Special lighting, power supply, etc.   

We work alongside the client to ensure their requirements are met while maintaining proper function and form.    

Do you have an idea for a business? Let us help you make it a reality.    


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